27th February
Panel Discussion
    Entrepreneurs in cyber security business
    Rahul sasi - Founder at Cloudsek
    Ricky Rajkumar - Founder at IntouchWorld
    Mark Felegyhazi - CEO at Avatao
Panel Moderator
    Ajit Hatti - Founder at Pureid
    Evening Talks
Speaker Name
Talk Title
Shrutirupa Banerjiee
Security with Smart Contracts
Saumya Vishnoi
The other side of bug bounty program
Armaan Pathan
How I bought my car in 4 days of bug hunting
Henrik Noelscher
Car Hacking Nowadays
Nitin Lakshmanan
Attacking your in-ear fitness coach: Next generation exploits for
consumer IoT, and mitigation approaches
Chloé Messdaghi
Fixing the Internet's Auto-Immune Problem: Bilateral Safe Harbor
for Good-Faith Hackers
Praveen K
Threat Playbook
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