A story of protecting critical web applications using OWASP Top 10

27th February 09:00 AM - 6:00 PM IST


In this completely hands-on workshop, you can get in the shoes of a young software engineer who joins the security champions team of a company to watch over the trust in web applications. As time progresses, the regular assignment becomes an involved investigation to solve a computing puzzle.

Throughout this introductory workshop, you would be using the Avatao online AppSec platform to solve a series of technical challenges related to OWASP top 10 and beyond. This technical game teaches you the basic pitfalls in web security and the best practices to fix the problems.

The workshop will be an early-preview of a new Avatao story we are going to release on the platform soon. The workshop is intended to software engineers who might be beginners in application security.

Upon Completion of this Workshop, attendees will:

  • Understand the basic issues in web security

  • Get insight into OWASP top 10 and how to fix those issues in practice

  • Have fun in solving game challenges in AppSec

  • Have developed a team attitude and skills to solve problems together

  • Have serious craving to become better in web security

  • Learn a few words in leetspeak

Prerequisites for attendees:

  • Attendees should bring: Laptop with a contemporary browser (mandatory)

  • This is an introductory Workshop for web application developers, students, including those new to application security.

  • The course has been developed to train learners at all levels, but it is mostly geared towards beginners.


Kristof Toth is a SOLID software engineer at Avatao. He is the main driving force behind the gamified Tutorial Framework that makes the Avatao platform sleek and enjoyable. Besides a deep passion for clean code and software craftsmanship, Kristof likes cats and is a beer aficionado.

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