Soldering Village

Soldering is one of the essential skills in today’s world with applications ranging from electronics, jewellery, craft items to plumbing and metal work. Our goal is to teach soldering and basic electronics to anyone and everyone in the most creative and fun way possible.

Traditional electronics and soldering learning approach seemed boring and lethargic. So we took inspiration from nature and crafted a Bee entirely made out of electronic components. We call it BugZee and like a real life bee, it moves around making a buzzing sound. Did we mention it glows its wings in the dark? No, it won't bite you but it'll definitely get you hooked to it.

The soldering village will consist of multiple soldering stations. All attendees will be trained to handle the equipment carefully while still keeping it a very fun learning experience. With this village, attendees will acquire the skills required for soldering and knowledge about basic electronics.

There are no prerequisites. Just an open mind and willingness to turn electronic components into a moving-buzzing Bee. Attendees are encouraged to experiment further with different components post village on their own and build their own Bee of creativity. Most creative Bees will win swag from Hackerwares. Solder On!

*Note: Registration details will be shared with Trainers and Sponsors

The registration is closed. However, all the events and workshops are on first come first serve basis. Please reach the venue early to grab your spot.

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