Blockchain Village

26th February 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM IST

Abstract :

Let's Attack the Bitcoin's Blockchain implementation and learn how worlds most valued financial network is also worlds most secure given the fact its completely open and autonomous.

In this Village, we will do threat modelling of a Bitcoin's blockchain implementation and study its layer by layer design to thwart the listed threats.We enumerate and understand each single crypto constructs used in every layer and how it is secure now and also in the wake of Quantum Computing realisation in near future.


  1. Introduction to Blockchain

  2. How a block looks like on the disc

  3. What crypto-constructs go in each block

  4. Threat Modelling of Blockchain.* List down all applicable threat to blockchain with the help of the participants

  5. Learning defence in depth, built in the block design

  6. Scripts in Bitcoins

  7. Smart Contracts and security issues with a case study of Ethereum

  8. Where Bitcoins go wrong?

  9. Summing it up

Take Aways:

  1. Understanding of the building blocks of cryptography used in Blockchain technology

  2. How to threat model a complex system

  3. How to deal with security threats in an un-trusted, distributed environment

  4. How to build a financial system securely.

  5. Smart contracts, dumb implementation

  6. Dos and Dont's of cryptography considering the quantum threat

  7. Above all, understand What blockchain is and what it is Not.

Who should attend : Professionals from enterprise, banking and financial organisations, LEA and any one who wish to understand how Blockchain works and how they are secure by design.

About Trainer : Ajit Hatti is founder of PureID and has recently conducted Blockchain Security Village in DEF CON 26 at Las Vegas. He has been working on Securing Crypto Implementations from last 5 years and is also author of LAMMA and GibberSense, SCODA the crypto auditing tools. Ajit is also the co-founder of Null Open security community and Nullcon. He loves to volunteer and present some thing at DEFCON and BlackHat USA, every year.


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