Red Team Village

26th February 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM IST

Red Team Village is a community driven combat readiness platform for Red teaming and full scope Cyber security assessments.This community is managed by a group of cyber security and red team tactics enthusiasts. A red teamer needs to be skilled in every aspect of offensive security. We can consider this as a platform to share tactics, techniques, and tools related to various domains of adversarial attack simulation.


  1. Sessions about Red Team tactics and tools

  2. CTF - There will be CTF challenges and the winners can go home with cool prizes and goodies.

The CTF challenges would be based on red teaming activities and attacks.

  • The participant needs to compromise various levels of infrastructure assets owned by the target corporation.

  • Challenges unlocking a physical safe / locker, by obtaining the locker key stored in the domain admin user folder.

  • Final challenge would be, discreetly compromising a corporate asset monitored by Blue team / SOC.


The primary purpose of the Red Team assessment is to validate your organisations effectiveness against credible and realistic cyber threats. Threats are real and it makes the organisations to concentrate on full scope adversarial attack simulation engagements.

  • Red team village is one of it's kind. Our end goal is to act as a platform form red team tactics knowledge sharing and exercises.

  • We keep creating real world scenarios and challenges for our events.

  • We're planning to create a permanent Red team related CTF platform which contains all of our previous challenges, where the red team enthusiasts can join and participate in real time challenges and learn new attack vectors, techniques etc.

  • Also we organise combined exercises which includes both red team and blue team. So that tactics can be shared and helps to create a Purple team structure.


There is a target company named Victim Corporation. Victim Corp has a wide list of assets.

  • The assets can be Digital, Physical or even Employees.

  • The participants needs to attack each assets to get flags.

  • There will be Windows Active Directory infrastructure, Linux, IoT, even Phishing campaigns and other attack frameworks will be there.

  • Digital Lockers and other physical challenges will be introduced.

  • The final challenge would be, attacking a target monitored by Blue team/SOC and get the flags without getting caught in their Radar.

  • Idea is to touch a little bit of everything. OSINT to Post exploitation techniques.

Abhijith B R Working as a Sr. Security analyst at EY, 8 years of experience in the Cyber security industry, Cyber security researcher, blogger, maker and adventure motorcycle traveller. Mostly researching in intelligent penetration testing automation and red teaming tactics. Lead organizer of local DEF CON group (DC0471), manages Red team village community.

Vishnu Prasad Working at HackerOps as Sr. security specialist, has 7 years of experience in the Information security Industry.Organizer of DEF CON group - Trivandrum, and Red team village community. **

Ranjith Menon has more than 8 years of experience in infosec domain. He is an active player on Bug bounty programmes, specialised in Web app, mobile, cloud and a contributor to the security community and founder of h1hakz – an open platform for knowledge sharing through webcast series.

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