Reversing and Exploitation of Vehicle (CAR Hacking)
28th February 09:00 AM - 6:00 PM IST
Today all vehicles are connected through V2X technologies. All manufacturers are coming with new technologies which can be added technologies for Vehicle industries like Fleet management systems, diagnosis toolset etc. These systems are from third-party vendors which are still in the vulnerable state. So addressing their weaknesses requires specific skillset in cybersecurity of vehicle industries. In this course will provide real CAR to get Hands On the experience of CAR and their component security testing. "Reversing and exploitation of Vehicle" course targeted from Basic level to advance level. During course will provide Virtual machine which has an all necessary toolkit which can be used after training for Vehicle security testing.
    Introduction of Vehicle (Vehicle network)
      Briefing of ECU
      Briefing of Vehicle Protocols
      Understanding and briefing CANBUS protocol
      Briefing of CANBUS frame
      Briefing of CAR hacking Tools
      Eavesdropping of Canbus messages
      Reverse Engineering of CANBUS
      Identify the Arbitration ID of a specific vehicle event
      Attacks on cluster
      Replay attacks
      Sending Forged CANBUS messages
      DOS Attack on CANBUS network
    Key fobs
      Recon of Key fobs frequency
      Reverse engineering of Key fob data
      Sending malformed key fobs request
      Jamming at RX and TX
      Defeating encoding mechanism
      Replay Attack
      Attack on key fob
      Cloning of Key fobs
      Fuzzing on USB stack
      USB interception for software update
About Trainer
Arun Mane
Arun is a Hardware, IOT and ICS Security Researcher. His areas of interest are Hardware Security, SCADA,Automotive security, Fault Injection, RF protocols and Firmware Reverse Engineering. He also has experience in performing Security Audits for both Government and private clients. He has presented a talk at the nullcon 2016,2017,2018 Goa, GNUnify 2017, Defcamp 2017, 2018 Romania, BsidesDelhi 2017, c0c0n x 2017, EFY 2018, x33fcon2018, BlackHat USA 2018, Defcon USA 2018 Also Trainer for Practical Industrial Control Systems (ICS) hacking training, delivered in x33fcon2018, HIP 2018 and also delivered training for IoT hacking in HITB 2017, HIP 2017, BlackHat Asia 2018 and private clients in London, Australia, Sweden, Netherlands etc. He is an active member of null open community.
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