Scholarship Opportunities
OWASP Seasides team will be providing scholarship (shared accommodation and, train tickets) to students who wish to attend seasides.
Big Thanks to the supporters for the scholarship support!
Sponsorship has been awarded to the below mentioned students/ individuals.
    Sparsh Kulshreshtha
    Saraswati Maddala
    Ashish Huria
    Eldho George
    Paresh Mishra
    Manju Chufal
    Kartheek Lade
    Vishnu K Murali
    Nimisha Dughyala
    Debolina Basu
Note:- Please do show us a valid ID card at the event to confirm your identity.
OWASP seasides event members facilitated the selection procedure and we have not received any other benefits in the process.
Please fill the below form to get the scholarship.
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