CTF Bootcamp/Training

27th February 3:30 PM - 6:00 PM IST

What’s the Plan?

Workshop starts with the basic idea on what exactly is a CTF and why it should matter to you regardless of the background?

  1. Then we start with basic introduction to the following categories with talk and doing up live challenges to learn some neat tricks along the way!

    1. Web : It’s the time we look beyond the old boring web application and introduce some fun tasks to this scenario, learn the fundamentals and different tricks like breaking OAuth, SSRF, Testing REST APIs and more.

    2. Crypto : Time to break those obfuscated code, and understand what exactly RSA does and many other popular encryptions lack and the fun part exploit them LIVE!

    3. Forensics : It’s your time to DFIR like professional learn all you need to know about images, process, handles, dll and injections!

    4. Pwn : Nothing beats the good old “pop pop ret?” not sure what does that mean you will probably know it all after the workshop and automate overflows like you always wanted to!

    5. Misc : It’s always handy to move stuff around with netcat, automate the boring stuff and even look at the stuff beyond “some language”

Upon completion, the attendees will know:

Techniques commonly used to solving problems in the realm of security, basic idea about overflows, commonly used encryptions, common forensics techniques, web application reconnaissance and exploitation and lots of tips and trick to save your time while working.

Attendees should bring:

Laptop, preferably running a Linux distro (Kali Linux full boot or VirtualMachine)

Pre-requisites for attendees:

General idea about linux. And a knack of programming.

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